About Me

About ME

Nasia Marie Morgan is the multifaceted content creator behind the creative lifestyle blog Naturally Nasia, dedicated to her journey of creating positive change within the world and different ways to become more comfortable with self-growth.

Known for her uncanny, quirky personality on serious topics such as racism, mental health, feminism, etc., through a relatable, humorous perspective.

Nasia Marie is fueled by her passion for understanding culture, art, and self-love. She considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to complete her undergrad in global studies with minors in Spanish and Arabic and outside studies in coding, photography, and digital marketing strategies.

Who Am I?


Love speaking + engaging with people; that includes moderating, hosting, etc

Cultural Content Creator

Global Studies Student with minors in Spanish + Arabic, content focus on minorities.. ​


Freelance opinion piece writing, creative writing, researching, screenwriting, etc.


Passion for web + graphic designer, creative director, photographer, visual editor, etc.​

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