7 Creative Black women that inspire me

This is arguably the worst black history month. Period. At least, it’s the worst one of my lifetime. February’s been an extremely long month for me and these 7 women inspire me to stay focused and keep working towards my goals.

1. Shameless Maya- Creative Director, content creator,  trained actress, Photographer

Shameless Maya, also known as Maya Washington is a huge inspiration for the platform I’m trying to create. Her Youtube platform is so massive. It extends from makeup to tech to spirituality. It’s amazing and I am unsure how she does it. Plus, she constantly speaks on her relationship with God and how God has blessed her (not just with material things). I really appreciate that. It allows me to be more comfortable speaking on my relationship with God in a less traditional way.

Major Works: Creative Director/Photographer for Prince, Interviewing Hillary Clinton, Youtube

2. Hey Fran Hey- Wellness advocate, social influencer

Hey Fran Hey, also known as Francheska Medina has helped my spiritual journey. She redefined the stereotypes and understanding of what it means to be a spiritual, healthy-eating black woman. Her focus on mental health in the black community. Particularly, black women allow me the ability to speak on my issues with mental health without stigma.

Major Works: The Friend Zone, The Supernatural Pop-Up, Youtube

3. Amanda Seales- comedian, trained actress, producer

Amanda Seales is extremely outspoken. I listen to her podcast, “Small Doses” all the time. She’s incredibly insightful and I love hearing her takeaway with different situations.

Major Works: HBO special “I be knowin’,” Smart, Funny, and Black, Insecure, Small Doses Podcast, Columbia Grad.

4. Chescaleigh- writer, actress, video blogger, comedian, social media consultant

Chescaleigh a.k.a Franchesca Ramsey is an immense talent. I could go on and on about how awesome she is.  She’s used her platform for the voiceless and makes it look effortless. Please check out her content.

Major Works: Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Decoded, Youtube

5. Kamil Oshundara- Cultural executive, queer curator, cultural activist, writer

Kamil Oshundra is killing it. The idea that you’re too young to do something is something she’s not trying to hear. I LOVE IT! She’s a cultural executive for Jordan Peele’s production company. MIND BLOWN!

Major Works: MonkeyPaw Studios (Jordan Peele 😉 )

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