Identity: How do you define yourself?

What is identity? An idea we’ll be exploring this month. This doesn’t apply to a specific thing. For that reason, it can apply to relationships, friendships, appearances, etc. As I’m getting older, I spend more time finding the distinction between how I feel versus how I was taught to feel. For example, my favorite quote by Einstein is “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by the age of eighteen”. A huge piece of our identity and what we do “naturally” stems from the things we were taught before adulthood.

Have you ever simply asked yourself, “why do I feel this way?” Last week, I randomly asked different people I spoke to that question. Self-reflection is important. In fact, it helps you become secure enough in your identity to not put your morals and thoughts on other people.  As a result, insecure people constantly look down on others to find their identity. Once you discover who you are, you don’t have to belittle people.

Most hateful thoughts and opinions stem from living in a hetero-normative society and upholding those beliefs.  Our topics this month will range from deciphering through the sea of opinions and how to present your thoughts to other people. Hopefully, we create a discussion on identity and the importance of self-reflection.


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