Meditation: What are three benefits?

My apologies for the delay in content. This past couple of weeks have been extremely hectic. In short, the events in my personal life and my collaborative projects have made it difficult to stay consistent. Admittedly, consistency is not my strong suit at the moment and its something that I am working on. Meditation is a fantastic way to assist me in this process.  As a result, there are three benefits that I wanted to give you from my meditation journey.

Decipher your thoughts.

Sadly life is extremely chaotic and with my anxiety, I have several thoughts that come to my mind. Meditation allows you to the ability to look within yourself and think about what you need and want to do.

Allows you to speak to God or the Universe.

In fact, this is the most important benefit. I need God to keep me on the path to my purpose and a moment to connect with the Universe.

Gives you time to sit in silence.

It is extremely healthy to be able to sit in silence with at times.  It allows you to have a lack of distractions and spend time with yourself.  My go-to phrase is, “If you don’t want to spend time with you, why do you believe someone else would like to?”

To sum up, meditation is a great tool for me to get through life.  The point of meditation is to appreciate every moment in your life.  I hope that you receive the same effects.

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