Tender, Love, and Curl Review: Loving your natural hair


My goal this year was to begin supporting more local events done by black women. We frequently receive the short end of the stick but somehow, we still prevail despite the odds.  Black women rarely have space to just talk about our issues and how society views us based off of our hair.  Lauren Holland created just that with “Tender, Love and Curl”, an event that allowed Black women to come together to share their experiences with having natural hair.  It was great! Everything was extremely organized, the people that attended were nice and open, and the activities were actually fun. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions regarding creating this event and I wanted to share those with you guys.


What inspired you to create this event?

Answer: Many things and reasons inspired me to create Tender, Love, and Curl. One of them being passionate about natural hair. I love being natural, I love seeing other Black women and their natural hair and I love the power in what being a natural Black women means. Another thing that inspired me was an event I co-planned my senior [year] of college, Curly Q’s. I wanted to bring that event to Columbus, but switch the focus a little bit from hair care to empowerment.  Lastly, Curl fest in New York is one of my inspirations as well. Although I have not gone, I have seen many things about it and I feel Columbus should have something similar.

What is it that you wanted us (consumer) to receive from your event?

Answer: The ultimate goal of Tender, Love, and Curl is to create the space for natural Black women to feel empowered and celebrated. I feel like natural hair is not celebrated as it should be. The things we encounter on the day-to-day basis kind of prohibits that celebration, but by first recognizing what we go through and knowing you are not alone are the first steps we need to tackle to acknowledge our natural dopeness.

What are your plans for the future?

Answer: So many plans for the future, but one of the biggest plans and goals I have for Tender, Love, and Curl is growth. As I mentioned before about what inspired this event, I plan for Tender, Love, and Curl to be as big as Curl Fest in the coming years.

I am extremely proud of my hair journey. I feel that it’s a large part of what makes me, me. I want to know the viewpoint of your hair journey and what is the biggest reward for wearing your natural hair?

Answer: My natural hair journey is never-ending. My hair is constantly changing and evolving, but it’s a journey I will never change. Although I struggled when going back to natural and sometimes still have troubles, I think this helps forms who I am. I know many people say I am not my hair, but in a way, I am because natural hair is more than hair. It’s a culture, it’s my history and a piece of me.

What is the biggest piece of advice that you could give to other’s going down the road of natural hair?

Answer: Embrace your natural hair journey. The ups and the downs. By doing so, you will learn so much about your hair because no one will know your hair more than you. With embracing your hair, comes acceptance of your hair and patience to what will form with proper care.


This event was so inspirational for me as a black woman in Columbus, an event where everyone is being supportive and empowering each other. It was great and I’m extremely excited to see where she goes from here.

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