Voting: How to establish a political identity?


The Midterm Election is finally here! With this in mind, let’s explore the importance of voting and establishing a political identity. Politics are the foundation of everything in our community. They determine the funding for schools, fixing potholes, and paying taxes. 

As a result, we have to take it seriously and hold our political figures accountable. We do not.  Just consider the amount of effort they put into our communities and what is held as a priority on their campaigns.

Avoiding GroupTHink in voting

Politics are extremely complicated, I understand. BUT we cannot always go along with the group.  We have to find solutions to fix the problems in our community from all areas. Otherwise, it results in groupthink.  Which is when people “modify their opinions to match what they believe is the group consensus” (Palacat 598).  Therefore, you HAVE to do your own research on candidates and the issues that they are trying to pass to avoid groupthink. Consequently, it “can hinder opposing trains of thought [and] this elimination of diverse opinions” (596).  There are fewer ways to find solutions to fix the system if we don’t have the contribution of the opposing viewpoint.  

In addition, we need to avoid politicians that support their party no matter what. We have to choose politicians that focus on the well-being of its constituents.  We the people have to choose candidates that have our best interest at hear and remember to go vote!!!

The source that I use to find a summary of issues, where is my polling place, and to preview a ballot is  Please go on here because you can take the preview ballot with you to make sure you’re voting for the right person. Below is a screenshot of the candidates I’m supporting and an example of a preview ballot.



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